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John Stark Regional High School


Home of the Generals

John Stark Regional High School

Home of the Generals

John Stark Regional High School

Summer Workouts

Several John Stark teams will be offering limited summer works that will follow the State Phase 1 Stay at Home Guidelines for Amateur and Youth Sports.  Sessions will be limited to 9 athletes and 1 coach for 1 hour a day. Pre-registration is required to attend any of the sessions.  Please click on the link below to access the document for the guidelines that all athletes must following especially the section of transportation and pre-check in procedures.  Also a signed Assumption of Risk form must be provided to the coach at the time of the first workout.  An athlete will not be allowed to participate without providing that form signed by a parent.

Summer Workout Guidelines

You will need to contact the coach to find out when sessions are being offered and how to register to attend.

As of July 6th the following sports have set-up sessions with the Athletic Department.

Boys Soccer:  Contact Varsity Coach Gerry Allen for more details,

Cross Country: Contact either Varsity Coach for more details: Christine Anderson- or Pat Scott,

Field Hockey: Contact Varsity Coach Dennis Pelletier for more details,

Football: Contact Varsity Head Coach Kevin McGinty for more details,

Girls Lacrosse: Contact Varsity Coach Sam Weaver for more details,

Girls Soccer: Contact Varsity Coach Chris Pike for more details,

Girls Volleyball: Contact Varsity Coach Jeff McClellan for more details,

Girls Basketball: Contact Varsity Coach Bruce Johnson for more details,

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