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Home of the Generals

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John Stark Regional High School

Home of the Generals

John Stark Regional High School

Spring Sports Announcements

Spring Sports Announcements 2023

Spring Sports Information (Updated, 3/21/23)

All student-athletes must follow the process below before being eligible to participate for a spring sports team:

  1. Parents need to complete the required on-line registration process at here even if you played a fall or winter sport. Spring registration is open.
  2. All freshman and juniors playing a Spring Sport must take the ImPACT Concussion test if you did not take it this fall or winter. Any Sophomores or Seniors that did not take an ImPACT test this current or last school year must take one this Spring.


Dates the ImPACT Test will be given on the following dates and times: 

See Mr. Paven or Mr. Brown to schedule an appointment


If you want to play a Spring Sport and need to take an ImPACT test you must attend one of those two dates and the test will start promptly at 3:15pm.


Also before you can take the ImPACT test your parents must have completed the required on-line registration process as described above.


  1. When the on-line registration process has been completed as described above Mr. Brown will check your eligibility in terms of academics.  I will be using your 2nd quarter snapshot grades to determine your eligibility.  You must have a passing grade in at least 5 classes on your 2nd quarter report card. If you are passing 4 classes you will need to see Mr. Brown about applying for an Academic Eligibility Waiver in order to possibly be eligible to play.
  2. In addition in order to be eligible to play, you must have a current physical on file with the nurse and be cleared to participate by the athletic trainer.  Physicals are considered good for 13 months from the date of exam for all students. Please remember the date mentioned above is the date of your actual exam by your doctor, not the date the form may have been printed by the doctor’s office.  Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the ability to upload a copy of their child’s most recent physical onto the Finalforms website so there will be no delay in being cleared to participate. 
  3. If you played a winter sport, you will not be cleared until all uniforms and/or equipment has been returned to your coach and the coach notifies the athletic director everything has been returned.


Once your parents have completed the on-line registration process as discussed above and you have met all the other eligibility requirements listed above you will be cleared for participation.  You cannot participate until cleared by the Athletic Department. 


You will be contacted through the Finalforms website to inform you if the student-athlete is cleared to participate or not.  If an athlete is not cleared the reason why will be provided.


Spring Sports Information Night (March 20 beginning at 6:30pm) - All students and a family member should attend this important meeting regarding the spring sports season. The meeting will begin in the gymnasium and then breakout sessions per sport. 


Practices/Tryouts will start on the following dates:

March 20:  Baseball, Softball, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, &Track & Field

March 27:  Boys Volleyball

The start date for Unified Track has not been determined as of yet but it will not start until at least April 4.